The Vital Role of Turnstiles and Contactless Control Solutions in Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities must prioritize safety and security to provide the best possible care to their patients. Due to the current global health crisis, in particular, hospitals must adhere to stricter protocols to prevent the spread of illnesses. One way to achieve this is by using turnstiles and integrating additional contactless control solutions such as biometric readers, facial recognition, and touchless card readers. In this article, we will discuss the importance of turnstiles and their role in healthcare facilities, as well as explore how additional contactless control solutions can contribute to a more secure and hygienic healthcare environment.


The Importance of Turnstiles in Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals and healthcare facilities are complex environments that require careful security and access control. Turnstiles are an essential solution for managing the flow of people in and out of restricted areas, such as operating rooms, emergency departments, and patient care areas. They also provide a visible physical barrier that discourages unauthorized entry. Turnstiles offer a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Accurate tracking of staff, patients, and equipment
  • Control over access to high-risk areas
  • Integration with existing security systems for added monitoring and protection
  • Improving the overall safety and security of the facility
  • Ease of use for both staff and visitors


The Need for Contactless Control Solutions in Healthcare Facilities

As healthcare facilities strive to maintain a clean and hygienic environment, the use of contactless control solutions is becoming increasingly important. Contactless control solutions employ cutting-edge technologies such as biometric readers, facial recognition software, and touchless card readers to improve patient and staff safety. Some of the benefits of using these solutions include:

  • Minimizing the spread of infectious diseases
  • Reducing the need for staff to touch shared surfaces like door handles and keypads
  • Enhancing monitoring, tracking, and identification of staff, patients, and visitors
  • Preventing unauthorized access to restricted areas
  • Providing a more convenient and efficient experience for staff and patients alike


Migrating from Traditional Control Solutions to Contactless Solutions

Migrating from traditional access control solutions to the latest contactless solutions is an essential step for healthcare facilities to maintain the safest possible environment. Traditional access control solutions such as keypad entry or security staff check-in pose risks and can cause delays, making contactless solutions the ideal option. The latest innovations in contactless access control technology also provide an excellent investment in the long-term infrastructure of healthcare facilities.

Ensuring the safety and security of healthcare facilities has never been more critical. Integrating turnstiles and contactless control solutions provide an excellent solution to ensuring facilities remain hygienic and secure. Biometric readers, facial recognition, and touchless solutions can significantly improve hospital and healthcare facilities'  safety, security, and infection control. Healthcare providers must consider implementing these systems to provide a safer and more efficient environment for staff and patients alike. Make the shift to contactless control solutions and give your healthcare facility the best possible protection.


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