Healthcare Heroes and the Importance of Violence Prevention Technology

In today's world, our healthcare heroes face more than just the daily challenges of caring for patients. They also often experience violence from patients or visitors, putting their safety and well-being at risk. Fortunately, on May 8th, 2023, Governor Murphy signed the Health Care Heroes Violence Prevention Act, which aims to address this issue by mandating the implementation of violence prevention measures in healthcare facilities. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of advanced technology in violence prevention and explore the most effective solutions that can be adopted by healthcare facilities.

Advanced Technology for Healthcare Facilities:

The use of technology is an essential component in safeguarding the healthcare workforce and it's important that we equip healthcare facilities with the most advanced technology. Here are some of the popular and effective technology advancements that can help prevent workplace violence in these facilities:

  • Cameras: One of the most effective and widely adopted solutions for violence prevention is the use of surveillance cameras. Cameras can be installed in high-risk areas such as emergency departments, waiting rooms, and psychiatric units to deter violent behavior and catch perpetrators in the act. Cameras can not only record incidents but can also be used for real-time monitoring and response. Additionally, they can provide valuable evidence in the event of legal action.
  • Access Control Doors: Access control doors are another valuable tool in violence prevention. These doors are critically important in the healthcare sector, where different staff members and groups require access to specific departments to fulfill their duties. Access control systems can identify personnel and determine which areas they can access. This system not only enhances security but also provides an audit trail, allowing administrators to know who accessed the restricted areas.
  • Mass Notification: In the event of an emergency or violent incident, it's essential to have a way to communicate with hospital staff and patients quickly and effectively. Mass notification systems can send alerts via text message, email, or overhead announcements, providing critical information and instructions to those in the affected area. These systems can also be integrated with other technologies, such as cameras and access control doors, to provide a comprehensive emergency response system.
  • Panic Buttons: Panic buttons are a simple yet effective solution for violence prevention. They can be installed in high-risk areas such as reception desks and nursing stations, allowing staff to quickly and discreetly call for help in the event of a violent incident. Panic buttons can be wired or wireless, and can also be integrated with other technologies such as cameras and mass notification systems.

When investing in these technologies, healthcare facilities need to consider the quality and reliability of the systems they install. It's important to partner with Technology Integrators, like CTCI, who have experience working within the Healthcare Sector and who can provide the necessary expertise and support.

The healthcare heroes who work in hospitals, clinics and other healthcare facilities deserve to work in an environment where their safety is the top priority. The Health Care Heroes Violence Prevention Act is a step in the right direction, and incorporating advanced technology like Cameras, Access Control Doors, Mass Notification, and Panic Buttons is essential in the prevention of workplace violence. By implementing these solutions, hospitals can create a safe environment for their staff and patients, reducing the risk of violent incidents and providing secure and productive work environments. As healthcare facilities continue to face new challenges, it's crucial to prioritize the safety and well-being of our healthcare heroes.


How Commercial Technology Supports Safety in the Workplace

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