Returning to the Office? Upgrade Your Audio Visual Capabilities

Working remotely comes with an inevitable host of technological challenges. You dealt with enough tech issues while working from home and now that you’re back in-person, you shouldn’t have to grapple with faulty or cumbersome technology anymore. Of course, conversely, while working remotely, you also had the chance to reap all the benefits that high-quality technology can offer. Take advantage of what working in the office presents: the opportunity to work with the best audio visual technology possible.

Audio visual technology, or AV, is far beyond what most people think of when they hear those words. If you’re looking to break the association with your high school’s AV club and upgrade your workplace’s audio visual capabilities, here are four different ways to leverage AV technology.

Video Walls

Working in person, you don’t have to deal exclusively with little laptop screens. Video walls are a multi-purpose digital luxury. Play branded informational videos for potential clients, make your presentations pop, and give your training videos an engaging theatrical feel.

Video walls can exist in a variety of iterations, from a projector with a screen to an assortment of mounted televisions to one massive TV screen. Your company can install a video wall that suits your purposes.

Digital Signage

In small-scale settings, digital signage is an under-utilized branding opportunity. Beyond the branding possibilities, though, digital signs can display much more than logos. It can be useful for the dissemination of information, decoration and visual interest, or entertainment. Digital signage also offers considerable flexibility that you wouldn’t get from a standard sign. You can update the branding, the information, and the aesthetics easily, all without the same overhead you’d deal with every time you changed out a traditional sign.

Intelligent Learning Centers

While the most obvious application of an intelligent learning center might be an educational setting such as a school classroom or a library, they can be useful in a number of different contexts. For companies that conduct a high volume of training sessions or professional development seminars, having an intelligent learning center can make the process of conducting those events exponentially smoother and simpler.

Potential features of an intelligent learning center can include a robust sound system, smart boards, and high-resolution screens. This, however, is not a comprehensive list. Any piece of technology with the ability to facilitate the learning process could be a feature of an intelligent learning center.

Huddle Rooms

Simplified collaboration and immersion in company culture are two of the greatest positives of the return to working in person. Having huddle rooms, collaboration centers, and meeting rooms fully outfitted with audio visual technology only serves to deepen the value of and potential for culture and collaboration.

Technology like touch-screen wall monitors, abundant charging ports, and built-in speakers can facilitate a more positive meeting experience.

If you’re in the greater New York area and looking to upgrade the audio visual technology in your workplace, contact Commercial Technology’s team of audio visual professionals today!


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