CTCI Provides Integrated School Security Systems

CTCI has over 35 years of experience as the top progressive integrator of customized IT, AV, and security solutions for commercial, industrial, and educational applications in the New York metropolitan area. Over the course of those nearly 40 years in business, we’ve worked with a number of school districts and educational institutions to design, install, integrate, and service exceptionally robust, high-tech security systems.

Our Solutions

We offer a wide range of security solutions and have installed various security technology including Code Blue Help Points, turnstiles, lockdown alarm systems, and more. Our most popular security technologies, however, are access control, CCTV-capable cameras, and intercom systems with paging capabilities. These are the security solutions we most commonly install in schools.

Past Client Successes

For one past school security client, Commercial Technology was contracted to design and build a new control access and video system from the ground up. For this project, we installed a total of 180 cameras with video management via our NetVR platform across eight different school locations. We also converted 32 building entrances and exits to controlled access doors.

Another school district client had a system with 140 cameras and 20 controlled access doors that had previously been installed by another provider, but required a capable new integrator; Commercial Technology is now the integrator of record for the system and has been responsible for service, maintenance, and the installation of several additional controlled access doors.

Cameras and CCTV

Video surveillance school security systems can offer both internal and external visibility so that school security personnel and administrators can view potentially threatening activities within the school or at its exterior. One system can serve any number of related locations, which makes this sort of security ideal for public school districts that need to protect and monitor multiple school sites.

Integrated Control Access Systems

Control access systems can integrate with video systems and, in primary and secondary educational institutions, often do. Controlled access doors can keep out unwanted visitors and potential intruders using multiple methods. One is card access, which requires authorized occupants to swipe or scan their access cards in order to enter the building. This is better suited to commercial facilities and higher educational institutions.

The other major variety of controlled access doors is one that integrates with video surveillance and intercom systems. This method allows office or security staff to view live footage of would-be entrants to the building and communicate with them via an intercom system in order to ascertain their identity and purpose for attempting to enter the school. If the staff determines that the person outside is a potential threat, they do not need to open the doors. Visitors are only able to enter the building if the doors are electronically unlocked using the internal system.

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