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The future of work is digital. Remote and hybrid models, where we mostly connect with teammates through a screen, have become not just common, but practically standard. Conferences, lectures, and other events which once would have been held in person are now often held as webinars. To keep up with these changes to the norms of the working world and provide everyone with the technology they need to succeed, Google has greeted Google Meet Series One.

What is Google Meet Series One?

Google Meet Series One is a brand new line of technology and devices designed to facilitate collaboration, support high-quality video conferencing, and bring your team together. No matter the meeting, space, or use case, Series One has the perfect piece of tech for your high-resolution video conferencing needs.

Desk 27

For one to two people, the Series One Desk 27 is the perfect piece of technology for video calls and all kinds of other functions. Designed to make video conferencing feel like an in-person conversation, these devices have a 5MP camera, 8 onboard mics, a 27-inch touchscreen, and built-in Google AI. The Desk 27 also comes equipped with a touchscreen and the Jamboard app so that you can write and collaborate in real-time from anywhere in the world. The Desk 27’s extensive suite of features doesn’t stop there. It can also easily connect to a laptop via USB-C and serve as a computer monitor. This multifunctional piece of equipment is ideal for any worker who regularly works with teammates or clients over video calls.

Board 65

The Series One Board 65 is designed for team spaces because collaborative technology is critical in a variety of settings. With a 65” 4K touchscreen, 4K camera, two passive styluses, an optional rolling stand, and the Jamboard app built right in, Board 65 has every feature you could possibly need to make it easy to collaborate anywhere. It’s also touchscreen enabled and can be activated with a single tap. With that one touch, Board 65 optimizes audio settings for different room sizes and surfaces, including wide-open spaces.

Room Kit

The Series One Room Kit was built to help you optimize your meeting spaces. This powerful piece of technology uses Google AI to track the number of meeting participants in a room over the course of the day so you can evaluate the efficiency of your use of meeting spaces. The Room Kits are also totally flexible and built to suit rooms of any and every size. Simply connect the kit to the display of your choice, whether it’s a TV, monitor, or video wall. In large spaces you can augment the base kit with additional equipment such as mic pods and smart audio bars to ensure everyone can hear and be heard.

Available in All Series One Devices

Every Google Meet Series One device also comes equipped with a ton of incredible features. These include TrueVoice, which filters out background noise for better call quality, Google AI and “Hey Google” voice commands, as well as automatic framing, to keep everyone in focus on calls, even when they move around. Google Meet Series One has everything you need to collaborate effortlessly on the highest-quality video conferences you’ve ever experienced.

Commercial Technology is a Series One Partner

If you’re ready to get started with Google Meet Series One technology, don’t wait. Commercial Technology is a certified dealer of all these products. Our team of service integrators can connect these new devices to your existing technology for a smooth transition and a seamless experience. Contact us today to speak with an IT and AV expert about getting set up with Google Meet Series One in your office.

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