How Audio Visual Systems Can Improve Student Learning & School Safety

When you install the technological infrastructure to support advancing audio visual systems, you unlock a variety of valuable AV functions that can benefit your school and its students. AV systems can facilitate announcements, assemblies, and classroom instruction, as well as improve school safety and security. For these reasons, schools can benefit enormously from high-quality audio visual systems. Let’s review the beneficiary applications of audio visual systems in educational settings.

How AV Systems Support Student Learning

Classroom Instruction

Visual aids are a favorite instructional tool for many educators and have been for eons. When you were a student, did your schoolteachers wheel out hefty TVs and VCRs on carts to show you supplementary learning materials? Did they use a projector or cassettes? The technology has changed from generation to generation, but teachers will always appreciate the ability to incorporate visual and auditory assets into their lessons. This is because these aids promote student engagement and appeal to multiple learning styles, allowing teachers to more effectively teach all of their students at once.

Interactive whiteboards and smart TVs are today’s slide projectors, with immense potential to augment student learning. Teachers can use these technologies to present slide decks, display images, play videos, and more. AV systems in classrooms are a tool for teachers to augment their instruction, keep students engaged, and cater to a variety of educational needs.

Other School Functions

Audio visual systems enable educators in a variety of capacities. PA systems empower administrators to make announcements and share information. AV systems in spaces such as auditoriums can support school assemblies to better inform students of critical issues facing their communities and peer groups. Students enrolled in after-school activities can utilize the school’s AV systems for their meetings and events. Across the board, audio visual technologies in schools see incredible amounts of use.

How AV Systems Support School Security & Student Safety

Audio visual technology and IT infrastructure not only benefits student learning—it also improves the reliability of school security systems. IT infrastructure enables video security systems by providing the operational basis for cameras and video feeds. PA systems can be utilized to notify school occupants of threats and instruct them on how to proceed.

IT infrastructure in schools can also be used to install emergency points across campus, which are tall metal poles with intercoms that allow students to contact security personnel if they’re in danger. Additionally, AV technology, such as digital signage, can be leveraged in drills to help students with direction and prepare for potential emergencies.

AV technology makes it easy for administrators to bolster their school’s security measures and disseminate information regarding school safety and security to teachers, staff, and students.

How Commercial Technology Supports Learning & Safety

Commercial Technology is the premier progressive integrator of customized IT, AV, and Security Solutions in the New York metropolitan area. We work with institutions of learning at all levels to design and implement custom solutions that promote education and safety. To find out what we can do for your school, contact our team.


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